Meditation and sailing

Finding and maintaining balance during meditation resembles sailing in several ways.

The first and most important is balance. Trimming the sails and constantly adjusting to the wind is very similar to the self awareness between relaxation and alertness that clarity in meditation requires.

A second similarity is focus. Balancing a sailboat, as well as the mind in meditation, requires ongoing, consistent focus. This does not have to be work, but it is vigilance and witnessing.

A third shared aspect is strength, particularly endurance. In meditation, as in sailing, is the nature of your practice and the structure that it provides for both balance and growth.

Both learning to sail and learning to meditate require practice, which is a fourth similarity. Both competence and confidence grow with practice.

Having the right type of practice makes a huge difference in mastering meditation. It allows you to find and maintain balance, develop and stay focused, develop and maintain endurance, and then to generalize these skills into your everyday mind so that you sail the waters of life with joy and confidence, no matter how turbulent they may be :)

It can be very powerful to join this 2 activities together. A sailor can benifit from starting and developing a consistent meditation practice because he will also feel the benifits in his sailing performance: more focus, presence on the moment, calm, equanimity.

The aim is not to formal meditate while sailing. The formal practice is done in quitness (like when you work out you go to the gym). 10/15 minutes a day is all it takes. And, of course, sailing is a great informal practice of meditation.


In one-on-one mentorship sessions sailing practitioner's receive personalized meditation teachings customized to their life, their daily routine, and schedule. We work privately to learn how to meditate, deepen an existing practice, overcome obstacles in meditation, or create a daily practice that can support living a mindful sailing practice.


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