BE-ing Mindful In Nature

(or just outside ;)

Hello There Fellow Nature Lover!


If you are like me you feel inspired and connected when in nature.

Most people feel an immediate and dramatic shift in their state of mind just by being in nature for as little as 5-10 minutes. Isn’t that amazing?

Everyday I try to go for a walk outside. It recharges me.

Being in nature leads to better health, creativity, and even kindness. The most well-researched benefit of nature exposure is that it seems to help decrease our stress, rumination, and anxiety. It benefit our immune systems,and help us to feel kinder toward others.

I've put together a guide with 5 of the mindfulness ressources I use when I'm outside.

You can download the "5 Ways For BE-ing Mindful In Nature" guide here.

Use these 5 ressources and feel for yourself  the power of practicing mindfulness in nature!

A walk in nature is the perfect moment to give yourself a break, no judging, no being hard on yourself. It's also the perfect moment to practice letting go.
So, let go of any expectation or judgement of what your life should look or feel like and inspire yourself 💫


Take good care of you,



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