Take a break

Do you feel tired all the time, even when you wake up in the morning? Not having enough sleep or having too much sleep, but the feeling of exhaustion always there.

Do you feel anxious when you think about all the tasks that you have to do, even the routine ones, and react with screams to your loved ones (kids, husband) when they don’t do things the way you think they should do it, leading to feeling unappreciated or not being loved?

Do you need cafeine or sugar to get you through the day?

Is it difficult to be productive at work because you feel stressed? Or do you find yourself saying yes to everyone to in the end have the feeling of having no time for yourself and always trying to do “everything”.    


These could be red flags calling your attention, and learning to identify when you need a pause it’s important.


Taking a real break it’s like having a Stop button on your life and disconnect for a few days. The goal is to get away from your normal schedule and take time to do something just for yourself.


Taking a  trip, getting away from the weekend every now and then, going to a retreat, are all activities that can make a huge difference in your life. They can help you disconnect, relax and feel rejuvenated.

You can have a break from work, from your family or even from your mind.


1.Take a break from work. Work-life balance has effects on creativity, productivity, personal relationships and mental health and if not well managed can lead to a burnout.

One important measure to maintain the sensible work-life balance is to separate the professional from the personal when you are at home. Due to technologie that have enable greter productivity, by allowing instant communication and sharing of information, we also blured the lines between home and work, we feel oblieged to immediate respond and we aspect others to do the same.

If not balanced by  periods in which self-care and personal life are prioritized, work performance will be lower and the long-term risk of burnout will increase.

There is no magic formula for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, but whether is a short weekend get away, a long weekend or a full vacation, taking a break and unplugging completely from work, work emails related and social media will have a positive impact on well-being and productivity upon returning to work.


2.Take a break from family. Important and needed. Family life is demanding, relationships are demanding and children ask for constant attention.

It is normal to feel exhausted and drained. Especially for women. The Mother’s Burnout Syndrome is very real and it’s a result of stress and fatigue. Motherhood is very rewarding, but it can also be excessive work.

Learning to take a break, and not feeling guilty about it, can avoid this and lead to healthier relationships and happier lives.


Taking a break also changes our perspective on life: not only you get to know yourself better,  but you also realize that the world didn’t end, and is still the same when you get back. You return and appreciate everyone and everything even more and you will move forward with peace and clarity.



3. Take a break from yourself. And by yourself  I mean from your mind, your thoughts, your over-thinking and over-driven mind.

One of the main reasons  people go to retreats, or start meditation,  is the necessity of a pause.

A meditation retreat can be a rewarding experience where you experience quietness and stillness in a supportive company, usually in beautiful places with delicious nourishing food.

Now days there are all kinds of retreats, you can choose what is best for you. All of them will invite you to look inward and to let go of the daily struggles.



Whatever the case, we should all take a break, every now and then.

Take good care of you,





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