17 Self-Care Strategies You Can Adapt To Your Life

17 Self-care strategies you can adapt to your life:


πŸƒ Sleep: sleep has a big effect on how you feel physically and emotionally.

πŸƒ Eat right: What you eat has an impact. Fill your body with nourishing food.

πŸƒ Move your body. Try to walk, bike, try yoga, join a dance class. Get out of your comfort zone and discover what resonates with you.

πŸƒ Learn to say NO. Saying no to others can mean saying yes to yourself. Don’t feel obliged to say yes when someone asks for your time, especially if it’s going to drain your energy. You will start to have more time for the things you actually enjoy doing and you will feel empowered.

πŸƒ Get out: Nature is still the best medicine!

πŸƒ Take a self-care break: identify when you need a pause, get away from your normal schedule and take time to do something just for yourself.

πŸƒ Get organized: declutter your house, your working space, your closets. It will bring you space and freedom.

πŸƒ Start journaling: journaling is a powerful way to meet yourself.

πŸƒ Start a gratitude practice: start a gratitude journal, find a gratitude partner to change emails every week on what you are thankful for (email me!), or just say “thank you for another day” when you open your eyes in the morning.

πŸƒ Make a list of things that give you joy and repeat them. Joy raises our vibration.

πŸƒ Cook at home: cooking is an act of love.

πŸƒ Put your phone down. Read a book.

πŸƒ Accept total and full responsibility for your life. Be honest with yourself.

πŸƒ Control your habits: habits create your life.

πŸƒ Create space for silence. Silence allows you to connect with yourself. Start a meditation practice.

πŸƒ Make self-care a priority: schedule your self-care practice and guard that time.

πŸƒ Book a retreat: because sometimes the boldest thing you can do is to rest.

You do have time for yourself!

Now tell me, can you adapt any of these strategies to your life?



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